Lady Antebellum Hate Train

For the purpose of this article, I will be referring to Lady A as Lady Antebellum. This is in hopes that I can prove my point in regards to the current hate train taking place. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, the U.S. has been going through a much needed historical event since the death of George Floyd. We have been seeing celebrities share their thoughts on the current climate and Lady Antebellum are no strangers. 

On June 11, Lady Antebellum decided to change their name as a response to the injustices and it received positive and negative attention. I personally saw no need for the name change but respected it. I understand those who argue the racist association behind the term ‘Antebellum’ and I don’t disagree. However, I saw no harm in the band’s name because of their reason for choosing it. 

The message to fans can be found here:

When they released the name change, I thought it was nice they were at least using a nickname given to them by their fans. That was until I learned that they were apparently not the first to go by that name”. Anita White (Lady A) has been singing under the name for more than 20 years. She has released multiple albums under that name and the earliest I was able to find was in 2010. 

According to Lady A, Lady Antebellum did not come to her before they made the decision. Sounds kind of crappy that Lady Antebellum did not research to see if anyone else was using that name. Also in 2010 Lady Antebellum applied for a trademark of the name ‘Lady A’ to use on clothing but there was no opposition according to them. I can’t claim to know all the legal crap with trademarks and so I cannot necessarily speak on that. The problem is with what happened recently that I wished to address. 

The issue is that on Wednesday Lady Antebellum filed a lawsuit case against Lady A. According to the band them trademarking the name does not infringe on the trademark rights of Lady A. Now I want to know how many of y’all actually heard of Lady A before all this transpired? My guess is very few and I believe that’s where the issue lies. 

Lady Antebellum is a very well known band with songs reaching over 170million listens on Spotify. Lady A, on the other hand, has reached about 2,000 on Spotify. All the band is doing screwing over an independent artist. Sure they say they are fine with Anita using the name Lady A, but either they are ignorant of the issues or they know and don’t care. 

“When we learned that Ms. White had also been performing under the name Lady A, we had heartfelt discussions with her about how we can all come together and make something special and beautiful out of this moment,” said the group in a statement. “We never even entertained the idea that she shouldn’t also be able to use the name Lady A, and never will — today’s action doesn’t change that.” 

When you Google ‘Lady A’ the first thing that pops up is Lady Antebellum. This is the same when you use sites like Spotify. They are taking advantage of the SEO and it’s only going to hurt the real Lady A. Now let’s take this a little further and discuss how this incident shows that the band may have just did the name change to capitalize on the current events. 

We got the name change to show that they stand in solidarity with Black Lives, as well as realizing the racist association of ‘Antebellum’. As mentioned they garnered a lot of praise from doing such a thing but now we are here and they are suing a black woman who has been using the name longer. Then phrasing it as “Oh she can use our name” in such a patronizing way. It just doesn’t sit right to go from support to patronizing. If you are going to show your support for Black Lives Matter, you don’t do this type of thing. It just adds to the belief you changed your name to simply look “woke”. Now you got even more hate towards you. 

Lady Antebellum didn’t have to change their name, to begin with, and especially didn’t have to change it in this current climate. Them keeping their name would not have garnered as much hate as they are currently receiving. They are hated for changing their name by people who screech about wokeness on a daily basis, and they are hated by the people who originally congratulated them for standing up for Black Lives. Now no one likes them and it’s honestly sad but deserved. 

I believe Todd in the Shadows gave the best solution to where all the hate could have been avoided in the first place by suggesting they change their name to Lady America. It’s very fitting when they have such songs as “American Honey”. They could probably even still use the nickname ‘Lady A’. Again I don’t know the legal stuff but I think it would have worked out better just keeping ‘Lady A’ as a nickname

I honestly do not think Lady Antebellum is going to be able to fully recover from this incident. I honestly do not think we should simply forgive them for this either as it shows that we are okay with celebrities getting away with really petty things and that’s what this whole situation is. Lady Antebellum is being extremely petty through all this and just making things far more difficult for themselves. They should have never changed their name, to begin with. 

Celebrities using their platform to show their “solidarity” is very dangerous because it seems to backfire quite a bit such as the case here. You never honestly know if the celebrity honestly means what they say or if it’s just a chance to get attention during something that isn’t about them. This video by YouTuber Ryan George sums it up very well. 

If you would like to support Lady A here is a playlist I put together consisting of all her albums I could find on Spotify:

Here is her website as well:

Her Youtube (Which was created in 2007):

Her Facebook:

Her Twitter:

Her Instagram:

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