Turtle Head Review

So, besides Country music and Film, I enjoy RPG Maker games. I couldn’t get enough of them back in high school and that love managed to stick with me even today. That’s why I am going to start gushing about them here too.

Now chances are you have played or at least know about RPG Maker games and there is no real reason for me to go into them. If you do not know what they are; they are games made with the RPG game maker engine. There are a plethora of these games ranging from crap to masterpieces. The best part is a lot of them are free and you don’t need a high-end gaming pc to play them. Yes, that potato you got should be able to play most if not all of them. It can’t get much better than that, right? Well, yes it can as these games can usually be beaten in one sitting. That is beneficial for individuals who have incredibly busy lives. No need to sit through a 20+ hour story or pay $60 for a game you can’t really enjoy because of life. Most of these last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. All this applies to the game we will be looking at today, Turtle Head.

Turtle Head is an RPG Maker MV game created in 2016 by Pikasprey and lasts about one to two hours. You play as Harriet, a young high school girl, that joins her friends Emma and Mason in the hunt for ghosts at their school. Yes, you would be right in assuming this is a horror game and a lot of these types of games are. However, Turtle Head manages to stand out amongst others for its memorable monster and pretty good scares.

 If you are looking for a game with a great storyline and characters, you aren’t really going to get that. Most RPG Maker games aren’t on Shakespearian level of writing and Turtle Head is no different. I don’t necessarily count that as a bad thing with these types of games because the main appeal is the scares.

From the moment you start Turtle Head you get a sense of uneasy and I love it. Pikasprey manages to keep the player on edge throughout the game because you never know when Turtle Head will strike. This is great because the encounters are scripted, but I kept finding myself paranoid. Pika manages to also include a nice sense of atmosphere using little tricks here and there with the sound and images. So, I highly recommend playing the game with headphones and in the dark.

Now, what do you do in the game? Well like most horror games within this niche, it’s basically just exploration and clicking on things until something happens. There are also a few puzzles here and there but mostly it’s just clicking on things. Trust me you’ll enjoy your time with Turtle Head. However, there is one moment at the end which is rather difficult if you aren’t careful. SPOILER: It’s a chase scene and it can be frustrating. Just be careful and stay focused as you are running from Turtle Head.: SPOILER. As for the puzzles, they are really easy. Now there was one puzzle that needed a password. I found the first half but I think I overlooked the second half of it. I had to look up what the password was because I couldn’t the other half. This is most likely on me. I’m just warning you to keep your eye out and pay attention.

 Turtle Head has three endings for anyone looking to 100%. All three are easy to achieve and you don’t need to restart the game completely (Just have multiple saves). You don’t really need to do anything super special either.

Overall, I enjoyed Turtle Head for what it was. I had fun playing it and had some good scares. It’s a great first game for someone looking to get into RPG Maker games. If you play these games a lot then you may not be impressed. I personally liked it and would give it a recommendation. Thank you Pikasprey for making such a fun game. 

You can find and download the game here:

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