10 Male Country Artists You Should Be Listening To

I always love recommending new artists I come across to other people, especially those who claim to not like country. My belief is that maybe this one will be the one that gets them hooked. I have mixed results with that, but positive results when it has come to other fans of country.

If you have read any of my other posts you know I have strong opinions on Country radio and I have plenty of friends and family who do as well. They end up coming to me for some recommendations or they just don’t know I have plenty to give out. To avoid repeating myself constantly I’m going to create two different lists of country artists that I believe deserve far more recognition. These lists will be separated by gender and contain 10 artists for each. Why? Well it makes it easier on me to pick and choose, as well as give more musicians the spotlight. So, let’s get started with the men…Please note that there is no real order to them, it’s just who comes to mind first.

10. Gabe Lee

Picture from Gabe’s Facebook

Gabe Lee got his start with the release of his album farmland in 2019 and managed to really surprise me. The best way to describe Gabe’s sound is classic southern rock with the perfect amount of twang and rasp. Every song from Gabe tells us a story about every day life, which is the makings of great country music. As of 6/29/20 Gabe Lee has two albums that have been released; the previously mentioned farmland and the newer album Honky Tonk Hell. I recommend checking out both of his albums as they’re very good. My favorite songs would probably have to be Emmylou and Honky Tonk Hell.

9. Jesse Daniel

Picture From Jesse Daniel’s Official Website

If you read my review of Rollin’ On then you already know my opinion on Jesse. However, if you didn’t then I recommend you check out his album. Jesse is pure Bakersfield sound through and through, and I love it. I believe he is incredibly underrated and in need of more love. He has the makings of becoming of one of the Greats. If Hank was alive today, he would be proud of Jesse. Every song on his Rollin’ On album is my favorite. I have yet to get to his self-titled debut album but I’m sure it’s far from being a disappointment.

8. Joshua Hedley

Picture from Joshua’s Official Website

Alright so do you want pure classic country music? Look no further than Joshua Hedley, this generation’s Country music Jesus. If you hate what country has become and wish to go back to the sound of Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, and all the Greats; Joshua is your man. He currently has only one album release right now and it’s a masterpiece. I recommend that you play Mr. Jukebox right after you finish reading this post. You will not be disappointed.

7. Colter Wall

Picture by Chris Graham

Have you ever experienced music that makes you feel as though you were out on the wide-open plains in the middle of the night looking up at the stars? If not then Colter Wall and his haunting voice will send you on that trip. I believe Colter may be my favorite artist on this list because I can’t get over his voice. The earliest album from him was Imaginary Appalachia in 2015 and I believe that it’s my favorite album. Though like the others with multiple albums that’s a hard choice. Thank you so much Canada for giving us Colter Wall, you are helping us save Country music.

6. The Cactus Blossoms

Picture by Nate Ryan

It’s time to mention a musical duo and the best ones right now in my opinion are The Cactus Blossoms. Much like Joshua Hedley, they have that good ol’ classic country sound that so many of us want to hear. They are simply a duo that you cannot go wrong with and I recommend both of their albums, You’re Dreaming and Easy Way. Put these guys on when you are in the mood to sit back and relax. As nothing beats a nice evening listening to some easy country music with a drink in your hand.

5. Charley Crockett

Picture by Lyza Renee

Alright I know what you are about to say and yes, he is related to Davy Crockett. That’s not the only thing interesting about my man Charley, as he has been releasing since 2015 and has yet to reach mainstream appeal. If you listen to him, you would know that is a sin because Charley has it. Charley’s style can best be described as Country music mixed with Cajun sounds. I have yet to really dive into his discography but from what I have heard, Charley has impressed me greatly. I recommend listening to his album The Valley for that perfect introduction, well that’s where I started.

4. Paul Cauthen

Picture from All Eyes Media

Who’s in the mood for some Outlaw Country? Well I got a treat for you and his name is Paul Cauthen. He’s another artist I am relatively new to but from the moment I heard him the moment I knew he needs far more attention. Paul reminds me of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard, you can’t get much better than that. Currently Paul has two albums out that you can listen to which are My Gospel and Room 41. I recommend giving the song “Holy Ghost Fire” a listen.

3. Dillon Carmichael

Picture from Curtis Hilbun, AFF-USA.com

I remember when I discovered Dillon last year and he helped reignite my love for Country music. His sound isn’t that classic sound that I mentioned with previous entries but he reminds me of the country I grew up on. He has a more southern rock sound that my younger self is very familiar with. Currently he has only one album out by the name of Hell on an Angel and I hope to keep hearing more from him. I hope that he manages to go up in the ranks and become one of my favorites. I enjoy his sound but I definitely need some more.

2. Dee White

Picture from Alysse Gafkjen

Another new face that currently only has one album out but manages to greatly impress with that album. Dee White has a fresh and old country sound that I can’t get enough of. I hope to hear more from him as he continues his journey. He has what it takes to become a name that will garner quite the following the more he releases. Check out his debut album Southern Gentleman.

1. Hellbound Glory

Picture from…Didn’t Find

Now we are at the last recommendation and this is gonna be my most rock-like entry on the list. Hellbound Glory has actually been around for awhile pleasing people with their Southern Rock. I came across them when I listened to their latest album Pure Scum and just like all the other entries, I became hooked. Typically, I enjoy my more easy-listening country music but Hellbound Glory manages to scratch that itch of needing to rock out in the field. Please listen to the song “Dial 911”, you won’t regret it.

Country music is a genre I am very passionate about and if I come across something good, I gotta recommend it to people. This first list is dedicated to several male artists that stuck out to me in my search for new sounds and faces. I hope you manage to enjoy them as well. If you know of some names I didn’t mention, please list them in the comments. I want more talent to gush over.

One thought on “10 Male Country Artists You Should Be Listening To

  1. Never get tired of your post! Very insightful, well thought through, and exciting! I will listen with excitement to each one. I am a country music lover and have been for decades, telling my age… How I look forward to your input, it is sound. Thank you again, and I am taking my coffee, and settling in and listening with ears and heart wide open!


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