Letter To Country Radio

Dear Country Radio, 

We have known each other ever since I was a young buck discovering the brilliance of country music. Those were some of the best years of my life as you introduced me to so many names that have managed to shape who I am. I even ignored those who criticized you for not being true to who you are. I thought those individuals did not know what they were talking about because they didn’t know you as I did. Yet over the years, I began to notice that those naysayers were right about you. I noticed the change what you said you represented, I was crushed. How could something I love so deeply lose its path? You were no longer the music I grew up listening to. You pushed me and others to the side in order to appease a group who never liked you, to begin with. Why do you feel the need to impress those who don’t care about you? They aren’t your true fans and only want you to cater to them. You no longer want to be who you were and do what you have done for years. 

I look back at the times where you were in your prime. These were your golden years where you impressed so many with your talents and followed your heart. You garnered fans who loved you for you and garnered respect from some really big names. Was that not enough for you? Did you really seek more? You taught us all about simple living and this current attitude ain’t simple. You told us stories and spoke up for us when no one else would..You don’t do that any longer, now it’s all about being popular. What happened to you? 

There was a time where you were even progressive offering your thoughts on certain topics and not afraid to do so. You stood proud in your beliefs and didn’t shy away. Though now you hide what you believe out of fear of offending. You walk on eggshells because you don’t want your new “fans” to dislike you. It’s not right and I don’t know how you have a clean conscience. 

Truth is Country Radio, I and many people are hurt by your actions. We miss that old country radio that inspired us and gave us a voice. You were truly something special but you gave all that up for the glitz and glam of popularity. You left us behind to appease people who don’t like you being true to yourself. They will never truly accept you for who you truly are. Please return to your roots and fans that care so deeply about you. Stop trying to impress everyone, you don’t need to. We loved you for you and always have. I wouldn’t be writing you this letter if I didn’t care. 


Southern Cinephile

A Long Time Country Fan

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