Taking a Look At: Why I Still Believe in Fairy Tales

Let me tell you about one of my all-time favorite country songs. ‘I Still Believe in Fairy Tales’ is a song by the great Tammy Wynette. The song is a tragic story about a woman who seeks her “happily ever after” only to have it ripped away. This is not new for Tammy as she is known for songs that have themes involving marriage and divorce. Reba McEntire released her song ‘Tammy Wynette kind of Pain’ last year (listen to “Stronger than the Truth” album…no seriously listen to it. It’s good.) and if that ain’t enough to describe Tammy’s music, I don’t know what is.

‘I Still Believe in Fairy Tales’ discusses themes of broken marriage, divorce, and alcoholism; while telling it in a fairy tale way. While other songs have discussed similar themes, I believe this song manages to stand above all the others. Listening to the song you are able to sense all her pain and innocence.

I believe in fairy tales
Where knights in shinin’ Armour come along
You were my knight in shining Armour
And you stole my heart with a song

You gave me a castle and a princess
And I was the world’s proudest queen

 The beginning lyrics start off by showing Tammy’s innocent mindset. You can’t blame her she’s in love and fantasizing about how she will have her fairy tale ending. She views marriage in such a childlike way that when the tragedy comes, it cuts like a knife.

And then came the dragon in the bottle
And I watched as it slowly slayed the king

And we all live happy never after
For we just put the castle up for sale

 Now that tragedy has struck because of alcoholism we see her heart breaking as her kingdom crumbles. I have to give major props to Glenn Martin for the lyric “And then came the dragon in the bottle” as I find it to be one of the best ways to describe alcohol. I just get chills every time I hear it. Though, just like with Tammy’s other music, she ends the song with hope and strength rather than sorrow.

But I guess that I will always be a dreamer
‘Cause I still believe in fairy tales.
Yes, I still believe in fairy tales

 Yes, despite the heartbreak and broken marriage, Tammy is still able to believe in Fairy Tales. She believes that one day her “knight in shinin’ armour” will come. Tammy’s music is the living embodiment of pain and strength, that’s why I think her music is able to resonate so well with people.

One thought on “Taking a Look At: Why I Still Believe in Fairy Tales

  1. Oh wow! I love Southern Cinephile! Just a refreshing outlook and your kindness, respect, and caring you show in your writing for this legend. Your words along with Tammy’s lyrics just make my heart so full and tears come with such tenderness, thank you…


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